Thursday, August 25, 2016


This month is extremely bittersweet (and not the good chocolate kind). Moving across the country unfortunately means leaving behind all of my favorite people, thankfully I’ve gotten time to squeeze them a little extra lately.

My birthday was in the beginning of August and I got to spend it with my favorites.

Cue sunshine, donuts, and mimosa-full brunch in Chicago.


Oh, and these people made an appearance, too. I kinda like them.

Outside of working like a mad woman (Boston rent is not cheap.. shocking!), I found time to enjoy re-reading my favorite book by the pool. I could not recommend this book enough - if you are in the medical field or not! It truly pushes me to be my best self.

Thank you to Sarah for throwing and everyone else for coming to the best going away party. My parents, high school friends, and my best friends from college. It was more than I could have asked for!!

Aside from the different parents thing, these girls are the closet thing I have to sisters. Thank you for putting up with me endlessly and loving me regardless. God bless you. 

Forever counting my blessings of all the wonderful friends and family I have. I aaaalmost finished my cloning machine so I can take you with me always. 

This month we are also celebrating the life of my uncle Toni who recently and suddenly passed away. I know he is a enjoying a beer or five with my Grandma and her vino. Cheers to them!!